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nasty nor'easter. the east coast gets pummeled by powerful winds and bands of drenching rain. tokyo touchdown. president obama begins his asian tour trying to shore up relations with japan. and going rogue oig. sarah palin dishes on what her vice presidential campaign was really like. this is the cbs morning news for really like. this is the cbs morning news for friday, o. november 13th, 2009. captioning funded by cbs
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good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm michelle gielan. this morning much of the east coast is getting pounded by the remnants of hurricane ida. virginia, southern mere land and delaware are bearing the brunt of the fierce nor'easter. the storm still packses win gusts of 50 miles an hour and bands of drenching oig rain. at least five deaths are being blamed on the severe weather. joel brown is this ocean city maryland, thorn. joel, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. ocean city will wake up to another round of he's powerful winds and rain today. wind gusts pushing 50 miles an hour lashing this part of the coast and the rain totals are inching higher. ida's leftovers are still packing a tropical punch. >> what are you experiencing right now? >> a lot of wind, a lot of sand, a lot of water. a little bit of pain. >> reporter: but it's not just ida's remnants reeking havoc up and down the east coast. the system is combining with and you powerful nor'easter creating what some experts call a perfect
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storm. heavy rain has battered the region for days leading to widespread flooding. so far virginia has bared the brunt of the nasty storm. the governor's even declared a state of emergency. >> normally it doesn't get this high. it's been really good lately. so right now i am getting nervous. >> reporter: here in matternd la, he that's expecting record water level and residents are also coping with strong winds that have knocked out power to tens of thousands across the atlantic coast. emergency crews worked through the night in north carolina trying to get power back up and running. and they'll likely be busy some to the weekend. the stubborn storm is hovering over the reasoning on that and isn't in a hurry to move on. you don't see any northern movement, it's just swirling over the same area. new england, you'll be okay, just a little windy, but the heavy rain from southern new jersey to virginia, look for another two to four inches of rain today. the bad weather is already being blamed for at least five deaths. and off the coast of new jersey, the coast guard called off the
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search for three commercial pisher men last night. their vessel went down in the rough seas. so a powerful coastal surge is expected to continue to eat away at many of these beaches and residents are being warned to take precautions for flooding. michelle? >> joel brown, hope they'll listen. joel brown in ocean city. thank you. president obama arrived in japan this morning. the start of a four nation trip to asia. this is mr. obama's first visit to asia as president and comes as he weighs his next move in afghanistan. today he'll meet with the january noon prime minister who says he'll end japan's refueling mission that support u.s. forces in afghanistan. the president will also attend an economic summit in sipping pore, then stop in china and south korea. the top white house lawyer is announcing his resignation today. greg craig has been taking heat over the administration's broken promise to close the guantanamo bay military prison. craig also oversaw the evamping
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of policy on terrorism investigations. previously craig quended former president bill clinton during his senate impeachment trial. this morning nato forces in afghanistan were the target of the latest suicide bombing. the taliban is claiming responsibility for the blast outside an american logistics support base near kabul. the bomber hit a military convoy, at least six people were wounded, include nato service member and civilians. there was also a pair of deadly suicide car bombings in pakistan this morning. the first target was the building that houses pakistan's intel against service in peshawar. at least ten people were killed and more than 55 others wounded. it's the latest in a series of attacks against pakistan security forces. later another suicide bomber killed section people at a police station near the afghan border. military prosecutors say more charges may be filed against alleged ft. hood shooter nidal malik hassan. hasan was charged with 13 don'ts of premeditated murder
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yesterday. army investigators say they believe hasan was the lone gun man. he could get the death penalty. president obama has ordered an investigation into wherein tell against concerning hasan was properly shared among law enforcement agencies and acted upon. the results of that review are due out at the end of the month. lawyers for a corporation that's the target of one of the largest counterterrorism seize kurs in u.s. history say they'll fight the charges. s federal government seized four masks and a new york city skyscraper yesterday owned by a nonprofit muslim organization. it totaled $500 million of assets. prosecutors say the organization is controlled by the government of iran. but there are no allegations of wrongdoing gepgs the tenants. on the cbs "moneywatch," sharing in asia finished with different results and ashley morrison is here in new york with that and more. good morning. >> reporter: between morning. well, asian markets were mixed overneat. japan's meky fell 3 # points. hong kong's hang seng gained just a fraction.
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wall street is hoping to finish the week on a good note after breaking its winning streak. thursday, the dow lost 93 points while the nasdaq was down 17. you fewer people are claiming unemployment benefits, but the number is still too high to suggest that the economy is close to actually creating jobs. first time claims dropped last week to just over half a million, but most economists think that number would need to be closer to the 400,000 range to suggest the job market is starting to rebound. meanwhile, the white house announced thursday they'll hold a summit next month to discuss new ways to create more jobs. we'll get a better picture of where the housing market stands later on today when the national association of realtors releases its forecast, but it did just get cheaper to finance a hoemg. according to freddie mac, mortgage rates fell this week. the average rate on a 30 year loan is at 4.91%. and starting next july, banks will have to get your permission before if i having you overdraft protection. the new rule was announced
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yesterday and affects atm and debit card transactions. the government stepped in after a wave of complaints that overdraft fees were unfair because many people assume they can't spend more than is available in their account. many banks have been charging fees of up to $35. and the latest burger king promotion is so good flap chizs are actually suing the company. the national franchise association which represents about 80% of burger king's u.s. restaurant owners says the current $1 double cheese burger promotion has them losing money. the suit claims the ingredients and preparations cost a minimum of $1.10, meaning at least a dime is lost on every double cheese burger that's sold. michelle, maybe a good deal for us, but not good business deal for help. >> i know. i wonder, though, if that burger brings in other customers. they get at racketed to that and they buy a lot of other stuff. >> that's true, that can also be part of it. you never know. >> you never know. all right.
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ashley morris so that here in new york. thanks. and just ahead on the "morning news," charges in the balloon hoax case. plus, straight talk, sarah palin has harsh words for her critics in her new book. first, katie couric has a preview of tonight's krns evening news oig. after an accident left her blind, she learned how to row without her sight. now she's teaching others about her sport and about life. an incredible story of the american spirit tonight only on the "cbs evening news." respect if my muscles feel like they've been pounded... my muscles just ache... ... all over my body...
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make that first step easier, with the nicoderm cq patch. nicoderm steps you down from nicotine gradually. doubling your chance for success. nicoderm cq. three steps, ten weeks and you're free. the plan convict in the brutal murder of an arkansas tv anchor has been spared the death penalty. yesterday a jury recommended that curtis vance oig be sentenced to life in prison without parole for killing 26-year-old anne pressly in her home a year ago. the jury heard testimony from vance's mother who said she abused vance as a child and was a drugged a digts. sgloot parents of the 6-year-old now known as balloon biwill face a judge today in ft. collins, colorado to plead guilty to charges growing out of last
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month's alleged hoax. teri okita has more. >> reporter: richard and mayumi heene could face jail time for what many believe was one big publicity stunt. the couple headed to it a colorado courthouse to make bond arguments after being charged thursday for what authorities believe was an elaborate hoax before the heenes claim their 6-year-old son had floated away in this homemade spaceship-like balloon. authorities made a frenzied attempt to rescue the boy as the balloon raiseded through the sky. pal con was later found hiding at home. lawyers say 48-year-old rich afterward heene will plead guilty friday to attempting to influence a public servant, which could mean as much as 9 # days behind bars. 45-year-old mayumi heene is expected to pled guilty of a lesser charge of false reporting to authorities and do spend up to 60 days in jail. she's a japanese citizen and could have been deported if convicted of a more serious crime. their attorneys will push for probation. richard heene's lawyer says he's been negotiating with prosecutors since shortly after
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the october 15th incident and claimses they've reached a plea agreement that would allow falcon and his two brothers to remain in their parents' custody. the heenes would be sentenced in about a month. terry owe key tarks cbs news. former alaska governor sarah palin is about to hit the book tour trail promoting her new memoir. in the book "going rogue," palin is sharply critical of katie couric. she describes couric's interviews with her during last year's campaign as badgering and biassed. but in an interview which will air on monday, oprah winfrey has to press palin to talk about it. >> let's talk about the interview with katie couric. >> must we? okay. palin goes on to reject the widespread belief that the couric interviews damaged her vice presidential campaign and you can see more of that oprah/palin interview later on on "the early show." straight ahead, your friday morning weather. and in sports, what happens when a quarterback throws five
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these are craisins, sweetened dried cranberries -- they're sweet. that's why bees like 'em. and this is the 100-calorie pack craisins. perfect for when you're on the go. they're really loud. here's a look at the weather in some cities around the country. new york, windy with rain 53. miami, 73. chicago, 54. denver, cloudy and 46. los angeles, mostly sunny and 69. time for a check on the national forecast. the latest satellite picture shows that fierce nor'easter is still anchored off the
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mid-atlantic coastline. it's also a gray morning just about everywhere from the northern plains to the southwest desert. later today, snow will be falling over the central rockies. the precipitation will fall as rain across the northern plains. temperatures will will be in the 40s. winds will tip to howl along the lower northeast and mid-atlantic coastline and that relentless pounding surf will result in beach erosion and nooding. turning to sports, the city by the bay wasn't kind to the windy city visitors. the bears in san francisco with mike singletary facing his old team for the first time and he got help from bears quarterback jay cutler who had fich interceptions in the game including one leading to a second quarter td for san francisco. cutler capped off his miserable night with an end zone pickoff that ended the game. the final? 49ers 10, bears 6. now to the nba and a big win for the l.a. lakers.
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the lakers' an dry bine am hit for 26 and had 15 rebound, but kobe bryant outshot him scoring 29 to lead l.a. against visiting phoenix. the suns took just their second loss of the season 121-102. in miami, a head to head battle between two star-free agents to be, lebron jamgs and dwyane wade. james scored 34 points. wade went one shot better scoring 36 for the heat. but cleveland won it 111-104. when we return, another look at this morning's top stories. and web surfing at work for personal use. why it actually may be between for business. toffer ] i have a little boy. memories are so important to me. how many times do you reach down and you're looking for your camera, and you just can't find it? the cell phone's always right inside your pocket. it's a smart phone. it can do it all... 5 megapixel camera. you know, twitter...update. click. record things in high definition. this holiday season, come into best buy.
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on the "cbs morning news," here's a look at today's weather. gale force windses will continue to howl along the northeast and mid-atlantic coastline. bands of rain will whip around the region and snow is likely around the rockies with more expected this weekend.
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here's another look at this morning's top stories. the atlantic coast is getting lashed by a powerful nor'easter. virginia, delaware and maryland are getting pounded with 50-mile-an-hour wind gusts and drenching rain. at least five deaths are blamed on the storm and more than 150,000 people are without power. and the first stop on president obama's four country asian trip is japan. he'll also visit singapore, south korea and china. pope benedict xvi is often characterized as conservative and traditional, but he's right up-to-date when it comes to digital age communication. and so bishops from around the world are at the vatican take learning how to use google, facebook wikipedia and other internet tools to spread the gospel. for most people using the internet at work for personal reasons is not uncommon, but as daniel sieberg report, it may actually help a business's
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bottom line. >> reporter: at this dallas office that helps seniors decide where to live, accountant allison thomas is free to surf the internet. >> it was definitely just a distraction that was always there. >> reporter: but every key stroke she makes can be seen by the company's technology officer thanks to computer monitoring software. >> i can see what website they're using along with what website they are going to and how long they've been to that website. >> it's made me more aware of what i'm doing now that they can see every site and i go to. >> reporter: while not popular with worker, the company claims productivity is up 30% in just seven months. >> some employees were using the internet two to lee hours a day for personal use. we've gone to about 45 minutes to an hour a day. >> reporter: in the american workplace, two out of three have access to the internet on the job. that's 65 million people. we spend an average of an hour and a half online during the workday, but many of the sites we visit don't seem very job
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orient oriented. eight of the top ten most popular sites viewed during work hours include personal e-mail like gchlt mail and video sharing like youtube. but the overwhelming favorite is facebook where people chat and post photos. >> they kind of are addictive by nature. they make you go back to them. >> reporter: many businesses seem worried. a survey of 1400 companies found that nearly 80% of them monitor employees or impose strict guidelines. but a growing number of companies are finding that social hizing online doesn't have to mean a drain on productivity. in fact, it can become a new way of doing business. >> my belief is that we're just starting to see the workplace productivity benefits from social technologies. >> there's got to an issue going on. >> reporter: one company trying to capitalize is comcast, a small team led by frnk gets paid
4:52 am
to use sites like twitter which sends short messages between users to answer customer complaints. even during our interview. >> i'm actually writing to customers that have private messaged me via twitter. >> reporter: nearly 30,000 people follow what he writes. >> it builds those personal relationships. >> reporter: back in am list son's office, a ban on facebook was recently lifted. a cautious experiment. >> we just have realized it is something that kind of you have to do in this time and day and age. >> reporter: with more of our every day lives tied to the internet, it's further proof that the workplace needs to keep pace. daniel sieberg, cbs news, new york. and it makes workers happier, right? and soon you can watch your favorite internet videos in high definition. youtube announce that had starting mix week, it will begin supporting high resolution videos like the kind you see on your flat screen tv. and that means those cute videos we all love to watch like that
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cat playing on the piano will look better than ever 00 your computer when they're uploaded as high-def. that's something to meow about. this morning on "the early show," we'll speak with the attorney for the alleged ft. hood gunman. i'm michelle gielan and this is the "cbs morning news." we're shopping for santa, but our bonuses don't come 'til december. with sears layaway, you can lock down deals today - and pay over time. - elf: layaway! all right! - guys, we're here for santa! - whee! announcer: layaway today, pay over time. that's life. well spent. sears.
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we have a couple things to look at. we're still dealing with a massive area, all the away from new york into the carolinas. but i want to come in a little closer to the state and show you that the remnants of ida
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has started backing away from the east coast. we're still looking at rain. but instead of steady, heavy rain, we're seeing pockets of heavy rain the winds will be an issue we'll talk about that shortly. also in the news this morning ... >> reporter: good morning. as marty said, we're in the thick of things in ocean city. i'll tell you about the pounding winds and the continuous rain coming up in a live report. police arrest a man wanted in the murder and rape of a 15 year. where they say they found dante parrish. bring on the witnesses. the witnesses in mayor shelia
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